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Building Regulations Approval

Why do we have building regulations?

Building regulations contain the rules for building work in new and altered buildings to make them safe and accessible and limit waste and environmental damage. People carrying out building work must usually arrange for their work to be checked by an independent third party to make sure that their work meets the required standards. In some cases the installer can certify themselves that their work complies but in most cases this would require external verification.

When do building regulations apply?

The building regulations apply to most building work, therefore it is important to know when approval is needed.  So if you want to construct, extend or alter a house or a workplace building, it is likely that you will need to make an application under Building Regulations. And you may also need planning permission.


Who deals with the building regulations?

The responsibility for checking the Building Regulations have been met falls to Building Control Bodies (BCBs) – either from the Local Authority or the private sector as an Approved Inspector.  We (as your builder) can arrange for the building works to be inspected and approved as part of the building process.

We always communicate with the appropriate authority at each stage of the building works to receive milestone sign off of works, where we are required to do so.

The stages are:

  • Pre-Site Approval
  • On-site Approval


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