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How to choose a builder

builder in londonWe understand that you want to make the right choice and so you are unlikely to contact one builder for building project.

Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Start your search for a good builder – Recommendations are always a good start.  We have a number of testimonials on our website and as we are more routinely asking for feedback, we know this list of satisfied customers will grow.

Do not be fooled by the badge – Under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 it states that it is an offence for a company or individual to falsely claim affiliations or connections, including those to trade associations.  There have been a substantial number of cases of bogus builders fraudulently claiming membership of official trade associations, so call and make sure they are a bona fide member.

Once you have a shortlist of builders, obtain quotations – get full details in writing of what is covered and what is not.  At A&B we are comprehensive in our quotations and in the majority of cases we will give you different options which may have different costings. However if you have a set budget in mind, please let us know as this is really helpful in determining how best to approach the job ensuring you get a quality product at the right price.

We’re straight about money. When obtaining quotes, its important to check the payment terms.  We never ask for the full amount at the start of the job, however there are some upfront costs such as materials that we need to purchase and so a deposit is always taken to cover these outlays.  For larger jobs we can take milestone payments and these terms will be mutually agreed before work commences.

Protection.  We are fully insured and we guarantee our work.  When obtaining quotes check that this is the case and ask to see proof.


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